The Hobart Show 2017

Happy Sunday Afternoon!

We have had an exhausting week but it has been made incredibly worthwhile by all of you – the people we have met have gone a long way to prove to us once again what an incredibly important job we are doing.

Everyone has a story, and overwhelmingly it is a story of something not quite right. Death not done well. A journey from grief to bereavement that was unhealthy and unhelpful. Thank you all for sharing your stories and experiences, through talking about these things we can all learn so much. To the little boy who told me about his dad who died a few weeks ago, to the parents who shared their story about their daughter loosing her fight with cancer, to the nurses who shared their experience in the palliative and critical care space, to the elderly man who shed a tear with me about his mum, to the young parents we spoke to who had suffered stillbirth…. thank you. Thank you for your bravery, for your words of support, encouragement and solidarity for our cause.

We do not do death well in this country. That’s not to say that we can’t. Or shouldn’t.

Our vision is to reach a point that when someone dies in a nursing home or hospital, the question is not ‘which funeral home do we call?’ but ‘do you want to use a funeral home?’ Families should know that they are not completely powerless in the face of the death of a loved one. They do not have to ‘hand everything over’ to anyone and if they choose to engage a funeral home, it can be to do as much or as little as they choose. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what choice a person makes – as long as it is an informed one. We are happy to talk people through their options then assist and support them in those choices – we believe this is all a part of helping people become informed and empowering them to make the right choice for them.

By becoming comfortable with the conversation of death and dying people can become educated around their right and options – something that has emotional, social and financial benefits at the end of the day.

Over the last four days we have been having these conversations time and again and while some have found it hard and confronting, we have been met with a consistent level of interest and amazement and a real desire for people to know more.

To all of you who said ‘keep up the good work’ and ‘don’t stop spreading this message, it is too important’ …. we wont.

Bec and Edwin x

Welcome to You n’ Taboo

Welcome to You n’ Taboo.

It has been a whirlwind few weeks and we want to fill you in on everything that has been happening.

The first thing to mention is that we have been working with two amazingly talented and generous human beings, Cherie and Winston, who have put together this entire website and we are just so incredibly humbled by their gift, amazed at their talent and flawed by their efforts and dedication. We really can’t thank them enough.

Over the last few weeks we have given talks to the Groundbreakers on the North-West Coast of Tassie, all about our UK adventures and what we learned from the Natural Burial Grounds and independent Funeral Directors that we met. We had a lovely few hours, talking and chatting and exploring all the wonderful ideas and possibilities that the Tasmanian community is so very close to realising.

I attended a professional development day yesterday in Melbourne, hosted by the incredibly talented team that are the Natural Death Advocacy Network. We are so privileged to be among these truly inspiring people and the learning opportunities that they provide are invaluable. We at You n’ Taboo are working towards many of the same things here in Tassie that they are in Victoria and collectively we will help to change the face of Death and Dying in Australia. Yesterday we heard about the practice of Death Doulas, the changing role of Funeral Celebrants, natural and at home funeral options, new and natural ways we can honour our loved ones through the creation of garments and we were given a breakdown of the changes to Victorian legislation – including the still to be finalised Assisted Dying Bill. All of these things we will talk about in our December You n’ Taboo meeting.

I say December because in 2 weeks’ time, the first Sunday in November (the 5th to be exact) we are hosting a double movie screening of two amazing films. ‘A Will For the Woods’ and ‘Zen & The Art Of Dying’. In years to come, when we are living in a world of natural burials and family led affordable, honest and heartfelt death care, these films along with a choice few others will be remembered as being at the pioneering front of the death revolution. If you haven’t already, check out our events page and click the links to get yourself a ticket.

Tomorrow we head off to the Hobart Showground to set up for the show that opens later in the week. We will be there Wednesday 9.30-3.30pm, Thursday 9.00-6.00pm, Friday 9.00-8.00pm and Saturday 9.00-4.00pm. Actually, we’ll be there a lot longer than that, but they are the opening times to the public. We have put together a wonderful prize pack – a mini-coffin full of goodies – so stop by and say hello! Also, of course, we will have our coffin there on display as well so make sure you take to opportunity to jump in and try it out.

That’s it for this week, we’ll be back next week to tell you how we went at the show amongst other things…

Bec and Edwin x