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The End of Life Doula Directory

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Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Tasmania

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Natural Death Care Centre
Mobile – (+61) 0427 924 310

The Natural Death Care Centre is a well established registered Charity in NSW, our core commitments are:-

  • An acceptance that death is the natural and sacred end of life
  • The acknowledgement that indigenous peoples have always known that death is the natural and sacred end of life
  • Respect for the diversity of spiritual, religious, cultural and scientific beliefs
  • To embody a holistic, sustainable, compassionate and kind approach
  • To take action for positive social change around the experience of sudden and expected death
  • To demystify dying, palliative care, death, funerals, body disposal, loss, grief and bereavement
  • To support people to be well informed and to participate in appropriate and meaningful end of life and after death care.

We provide guidance, information and education in contemporary death and after death care, ceremony and ritual.  We take a holistic approach to people and this work for over 20 years.  Zenith Virago is the EO and Deathwalker Trainer.


Ground Breakers

The Groundbreakers group formed in 2016 with the aim of establishing a Natural Burial Ground on the North West Coast of Tasmania. Our group comprises a diverse demographic of residents living along our beautiful coastline. We advocate for informed choice, environmental sustainability and autonomy in end-of-life decisions. 
Contact: Lyndal Thorne – – Mobile: 0438 313 045


Peace Pods

PeacePod is a new concept in casket or coffin design and application.

Developed over many years, and crafted in Tasmania, it is, in simple terms, a cardboard casket.

The PeacePod is designed to extend our concept of choice and involvement in the selection and preparation of a casket, for the farewell celebration of loved ones.

We can’t deny the sorrow and loss that we feel surrounding the event of dying and death, but we can change the way we go about it, planning the funeral ceremony in meaningful ways.

  • The PeacePod® is designed & produced in Tasmania.
  • The design of PeacePod® is new, serene & absolutely contemporary – a true departure from traditional material & shape of traditional funeral caskets or coffins.
  • The PeacePod® is environmentally friendly & emotionally friendly.
  • There is vast potential for personalisation insofar as the PeacePod® can be readily decorated with messages, photographs, or other treasures to celebrate & reflect the life of the departed individual.
  • Involvement in the preparation & personalisation of a casket is widely understood as being an important introduction to acceptance of the death of a loved one & the celebration of their life.
  • The PeacePod® is suitable for cremation or burial, either horizontal or vertical.
  • It is price fair.
  • It is designed for people & for pets.
  • A PeacePod® isn’t just a coffin, it’s an entirely new concept in funeral vessel design. This innovative casket draws on the aesthetic & environmental benefits of alternative – an empowering decision to take in the contemporary world.

It’s better for the one departing, for those left behind, and for the planet.


Tender Funerals


Natural Grace



Offering a range of services across the living with dying, death and after death care space.


Care Beyond Cure Inc

Provides free fortnightly access to Complementary Therapies, Art and Art Therapy and social support for individuals with a diagnosed progressive life limiting illness AND their family carer/s.  Program also includes a bereavement component.



Community Coffin Club

An initiative of Care Beyond Cure Inc, where individuals or family/friends, can make a coffin for themselves or a loved one.  Access to all equipment, a mentor and support are provided. Materials are to be supplied by the individual.


Kindred Life


Tara Kelly Styling
Mobile: 0413 138597

Walking into a funeral chapel can be overwhelming. It can feel strange, not quite real, even impersonal.

But when you walk in and recognise things that immediately remind you of that special person, something changes. Those familiar objects bring you closer, and help you remember the person for who they truly are, and will always be.

Tara gathers the objects and treasures that tell a person’s story. Using a few or many items, she creates beautiful arrangements that capture the essence of a life—the things someone loved, did, made and shared.

Guided by close family and friends, Tara creates a sense of the person who was using those objects, or making those things, or loving being in a particular place, just a short time ago. Everything is beautifully and sensitively arranged. You can feel that something special has been done.

What those items are is completely up to you. They could be anything from old walking boots and tin cups, to footy trophies, potted cactus, musical scores or brass bands— nothing is too old, too odd, too ordinary or extraordinary. The only thing that really matters, is the stories they tell.


Preparing The Way



Garments for the Grave



The Celebrants Training College


Organ Donation


Body Bequest, Tasmania

Natural Death Care Charity


Order of the Good Death


Salford’s First, Death Café

At Family Led Services, we provide: –

  • Support meeting for terminally ill and anybody living with life limiting conditions. 
  • Death Doula

Advice on DIY funerals, living directives


 Death Café

Web contact form on their website 

Death Cafe is one of the world’s largest community engagement projects around death, founded by Jon Underwood in London, and based on the work of Swiss sociologist Bernard Crettaz. Death Cafes are group directed discussions with no agenda, allowing people talk about death and dying over tea and delicious cake. Since the first Death Cafe in 2011, there have been thousands of Death Cafes held in more than 50 countries.