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We come from a place of compassion.

We come from a place of frustration.

We come from a place of honesty, transparency and an absolute desire to facilitate a way in which people can make good, informed choices that are the right choices for them.

We, and many others around the globe, are working on breaking the taboos of death wide open to examine them, break them down and give the community the tools and resources they need to put them back together in a way that best fits their circumstances, their values and their families.

Our vision is to see the way we do death and dying in this country become family led, in as big or as small a way as the individuals involved are comfortable with. We need to do death and dying well in this country. We need to do funerals and ceremonies for our dead, better than we are. And we need to reclaim some of the control over our dead that has been taken away over the last 100 years,

Prior to the turn of the century care for the dead belonged to the community. It was community knowledge and families cared for their people in the home regularly. We advocate a return to that in a way, with the knowledge available in modern society it is easier now than before in many ways.

Our journey as a family and as a community through the stages of grief and bereavement will only ever be made a gentler path by allowing ourselves the control and choice over how it is we deal with and spend time with our dead.