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Have you ever thought, if only I knew someone to ask……?

Well, ask away!

Our years of experience in and around death and dying mean that we are well placed to help with an information flow which can be otherwise all too hard to find!

Our aim is to help you with all the aspects of this broad conversation and give you practical suggestions on how to use that information in everyday situations. We want you to know what questions to ask, what discussions to have and who to talk to, so that you are well placed to make truly informed decisions when it comes to death and dying.

 We will make the time to share our experiences with you and discuss any questions you have, we can provide whatever information is available to us based on our years of accumulated knowledge and experience. We will also let you know of other people and services within the community who may be able to best assist you as well.

Demystifying death and dying through community engagement is something we are very passionate about and we are willing and able to book sessions for groups or one on one where we can help to shed light on some of these death taboos. Be it in a formal or informal setting, we hold death and dying sessions where no questions are off limits! We find these sessions are an invaluable way for people to talk to us and each other. By engaging in meaningful and honest conversation in a safe and supported environment we have found that people walk away feeling far more at ease with what was an uncomfortable discussion.

We can –

  • Offer a safe space in which to talk about every aspect of death and dying
  • Provide death and dying Q & A sessions, in groups or one on one
  • Assist you with a greater understanding of your rights and the options available to you
  • Help to unravel the ‘industry language’ which is all too commonly used in the public space but often not well explained
  • Provide you with a good base of knowledge with which to pursue death and dying options and alternatives for yourself and ways of having the conversation with others
  • Be a part of the death and dying conversations and planning you and your family are undertaking
  • Offer a platform and network of like-minded community groups and services who may be able to assist you

We want everyone to know that there are alternatives out there, that they don’t ever have to just accept what is on offer; the control really is your own.

We believe this work is vital within the community.

Click HERE for a link to some frequently asked questions, if you can’t find what you are looking for, CONTACT US!