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Whole Hearted – End of Life Doula


My name is Bec and I am an End of Life Doula and holistic Death Care Practitioner. I specialise in providing information, resources and practical support to people and their families as they approach their end of life.


An End of Life Doula fulfills a non-medical role as a person who holds space for and practically assists a dying person and their family. As an End of Life Doula, Bec is able to provide support, resources, assistance, advocacy and education. Doulas are be engaged prior to the death of a person, sometimes from the point of a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis and their role and function are as personal and individual as the dying person, their family and their circumstances.

Doulas are a peaceful influence in an emotional space and they are able to guide families through the journey of dying and death. 

There is a long list of services a Doula can offer and the services they provide are always individually tailored to the person or people who engage them. Not all Doulas will offer all services. As a rule, they can be engaged by the dying, the family or network of that person or both and the terms of what services are provided are openly discussed and agreed upon.

These can include (but are not limited to) the following –

  • Explore options and educate people
  • Encourage Advanced Care Directive planning, Enduring Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardian and Will Preparation
  • Hold Vigil
  • Emotional wills and legacy documents
  • Biographies/journaling
  • After death body care, laying out and ritual
  • Home care for the body
  • Advocacy
  • Family relationship and communication support
  • Spiritual support, co-ordination and provision
  • Creating networks and managing connections
  • Offering natural therapies
  • Co-ordinating resources and service providers
  • Community education
  • Facilitating support groups
  • Needs assessment and practical management
  • Team management – rostering and briefing
  • Implementing reporting and communication systems
  • Navigate medical, health and other systems
  • Funerals arrangements and celebrancy
  • Counselling referrals
  • Case management
  • Event planning
  • Emotional and mental support
  • Companionship and good listening
  • Provide respite and home care
  • Bereavement support – helping pack things, sell things etc

Doulas do not make decisions for you, they are not Directors and do not give instructions, but they can be relied upon to be an advocate and a comfort providing choices and options for people and then support in carrying out the decisions and choices that are made. They are a gentle influence and are able to guide families through the journey of dying, death, the practicalities of hands-on sacred and dignified body care of the deceased as well as the administrative complexities and decisions – in a way they are able to wear some of that extraneous burden for the family in their time of grief.

In addition to this, Bec is also an experienced funeral practitioner and as such, she is able to assist after death with the practicalities of hands-on gentle and dignified body care of the deceased as well as the administrative complexities and decisions that are to be made.

You can find out more about Doulas at the End Of Life Doula Directory

Bec offers a twenty minute free consultation and tailored packages thereafter. For more information, please contact us.