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Natural Burial, Your Final Earthly Gift

In 2023 the Geeveston Progress Association opened up this patch of land pictured here, to natural burial. A local community volunteer run cemetery, for the community, by the community. It is an exciting step for Tasmania, being the first space set aside in a cemetery for natural burial in the state. I have been looking at natural burial for a long time. In 2017 my family and I traveled to the UK and spent time visiting many natural burial grounds and meeting with cemetery managements and funeral directors. In 2019 I completed a Churchill Fellowship to continue looking at it, and I expanded the scope. It was 10 weeks, 6 countries, 21 flights, 4 train journeys, 47 interviews, 2 conference, 3 chauffeurs, 4 guided tours, 2 interpreters, scores

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Funeral Director: Why DIY Funerals Do Work

Funeral Director: Why DIY Funerals Do Work Funeral Director: Why DIY Funerals Do Work Good news! While we have spent the last hundred years outsourcing more and more of life, the DIY movement has been claiming it back, and those who want to avoid funeral costs are working out the many and varied benefits of this approach to death. In the last 120 years we have lost over 5000 years of knowledge about caring for our dead. Every one of you is capable of caring for your dead. It is legal, it is possible and it can fundamentally change what it means to grieve in this world. Facts –    * funeral directors are not always a legal requirement in every situation;    * there are many things

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Book launch at Fullers Bookshop

Coinciding with National Advanced Care Planning Week, Bec Lyons launches her book A Heartfelt Undertaking and chats with Joel Rheinberger, the host of Afternoons on ABC Radio Hobart.

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ABC TV News Segment

Natural Burial is among a few natural and sustainable choices in death care and ABC Tv took a look at what is available in Tasmania.

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