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Book launch at Fullers Bookshop

Coinciding with National Advanced Care Planning Week, Bec Lyons launches her book A Heartfelt Undertaking and chats with Joel Rheinberger, the host of Afternoons on ABC Radio Hobart.

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ABC TV News Segment

Natural Burial is among a few natural and sustainable choices in death care and ABC Tv took a look at what is available in Tasmania.

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Episode 247 of Andy Social (Podcast)

The Andy Social Podcast is weekly podcast hosted by Australian musician, Andy Dowling. The podcast highlights people from a vast number of backgrounds, interests and professions. Here I talk to Andy about death in Australia, how we can do better and what innovations are on the not to distant horizon that will change our grief experiences.

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A Living Funeral

Have you ever considered what your funeral will be like? Who will attend.. what will they say… what will be chosen by way of flowers, music and decoration… will there be tears.. will people celebrate you and all you meant to them? But more than that, what would you say if you had the chance… What would your last words be? Last week Edwin and I were privileged to have the opportunity to attend the very first living funeral ceremony in Tasmania. The very generous and thoughtful Maria Lazovic came to Tasmania and offered her Living Funeral session for the lovely people of Hobart. More than just a time to contemplate mortality, this is a few hours of intense soul searching and internal reconciliation of both what is

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