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Dying to DIY DEATH

About this event

In this workshop we will be looking at family led funerals and home death care. We will look at the role of Doula at end of life and how families and communities can take a lead role in the care of their dying and dead in a home environment.

This session is broken up into:

  • Doulas and Family-led Funerals
  • Death Care at Home
  • Home Funerals- A Photographic Journey
  • Q&A Session


This workshop is an in-depth look at family and community centred home funerals, including caring for the dead and planning ceremony.

Running Sheet

10:00 AM: Welcome 

10:05 AM: Introductions

10:15AM: Doulas and Family Led Funerals

11:00 AM: Morning Tea

11:15 AM: Death Care at Home

12:15 PM: Lunch

01:00 PM: Home Funerals- A Photographic Journey

02:00 PM: Afternoon Tea

02:15 PM: Q&A Session

02:45 PM: Evaluation and Close

03:00 PM: End

interested in procuring this workshop for your family, organisation or other community?

Date and Time

Pick your date 

Typically runs from 10:00AM-3:00PM 


Pick your location anywhere in Tasmania


5 Hours

Cost(per head)

$75 (BYO Lunch and Snacks)

Minimum no. of people