Recently, we made the decision to take the conversation out into the community.

We are committed to taking the conversation about death and dying into a public space with the purpose of engaging and educating people in the many facets of these issues.

We travel all over the State to talk to Community Groups and at Public events, promoting the conversation around death and dying and working to inform people of their rights and options according to Tasmanian law. We are passionate that people have all the information available and are in the best position possible to make informed choices when the time comes.

Some of the places we have attended and groups we have spoken to include – Rotary Clubs, University of the 3rd Age, Probus, Community Centres, Deloraine Craft Fair, the Hobart Show, the Wellness Expo and Senior Citizens meetings. If you have a club or an interest group and you’d like us to talk, please get in touch! 

In the months of FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST and NOVEMBER we also hold a public event in place of that meeting, venue and times are determined and advertised well in advance of the day. In the past, we have hosted events such as a workshop on eulogy writing, a forum of dying and the community, the opening of West Moonah Coffin Club, a double movie screening and most recently a shroud making workshop.

Would you like to know more or get involved?

There are lots of ways that you can help us if you have the time to get involved with helping the planning and organising required. A lot of work goes into the planning, advertising and preparation of our events, talks and attendances at fairs and expos. Things you could help with include –

  • Talk to people, about You n’ Taboo, about our events and about death and dying in general
  • Marketing (distributing our posters and fliers, letting people know by word of mouth, sharing the events on social media, calling into the radio to tell them about what we are up to etc)
  • Helping on the day – there are so many tasks that need to be done during an event, we are pretty good planners but sometimes we just need feet on the ground, manning the register, checking off tickets, putting out sandwiches whatever it is we are always happy for another pair of hands
  • Give us feedback – we need to know what you think and what you would like to have us do more of. Let us know about your local events, expos and fairs, local meetings and groups that may be interested in hearing from us or people that might benefit from talking to us.
  • Gather information – there are so many incredible death related things going on around Tasmania, Australia and the world. We can’t go to everything! But with the help of others, we can stay informed on many fronts, so let us know if you go to a death related event – tell us who was there and what you learned. By sharing the information, we can help advance the cause of death literacy. We could put a little report from you up on our blog page or if you chose, we’d be happy to feature a guest post (obviously we would need to read it first).

If you have any suggestions about expos or shows you’d like us to attend or ideas for our public events, please go to our contact page and let us know! We are always keen to hear from you and open to all kinds of ideas.

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