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Natural Death Expo!

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We’ve has a marvelous day today at the Natural Death Expo, held in line with Dying to Know Day 2018 and in conjunction with the Tamar Peace Festival. What incredible people we have here in Tasmania. Today we met hospital workers, a mayor, retirees, a man living with a stroke, community leaders, refugees, women of substance and power, men of incredible courage, inventors, entrepreneurs, the socially conscious and community-minded… It was a truly lovely day.

There are people right here in Tasmania working to bring about change in the space of dying and death, they are striving for natural burial here where there is none, they are walking the end of life path with the dying and making beautiful things like coffins and shrouds to help families with a personal, affordable and meaningful approach to death. But there are people in other spaces too, all working towards peace in their own way – they are waging war on plastic, they are educating about sustainable living, they are advocating for acceptance, challenging misconceptions and harmful habits, they are champions of disseminating knowledge… just like we are, they are reclaiming ancient wisdom and finding the benefits of community and family approaches to life – and death.

For us, we were buoyed today, not only by getting to spend time with the peers and colleagues we have on this journey but also by you – the general public who were so keen to engage with us, tell us your stories and ask us your questions. I hope we helped to answer them.

Next week we host our Hobart event, a flyer is attached below. Take a look at our facebook event for more details.                                  

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