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Death On Screen

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Good evening!

We have had a big day!

Today we held our November event, Death on Screen. It may have been the cold that kept some of you away but all in all we have to say the day was a success. About 20 people in total braved the cold to join together to watch ‘A Will for the Woods’ and ‘Zen & The Art of Dying’ with a few more turning up for the second screening.

There was an incredible flood of emotion in response to the journeys in the film, the first one in particular.. and all through there were shared laughs and knowing nods of agreement from the audience. But, one of the things I enjoyed the most was the conversations that went around during the lunch break and after each movie. There is so much about the Death and Dying conversation that is of interest to people and we find it so humbling and special that people continually want to share their own experiences and stories. That’s such an important thing, we can learn so much from each other if we are open to both sharing and listening to the experiences of others.

Today we talked about family led funerals, the benefits and complications of doing it yourself… natural burials, bad funeral experiences, the role and relationship of celebrants, and what we would like to see done differently. It was encouraging to see so many new faces who has not attended one of our events before, the word is definitely spreading.

If you’d like to be a part of the conversation, please join us!

Thank you all…

Goodnight x

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